Ready Mix Concrete

Integral Colored Concrete

Available in over 100 colors ranging from reds to cool browns and blacks, concrete does not need to be just gray anymore. Liquid coloring admixtures can be used to enhance any style and design palette. We can also match selected colors from other brands. Visit the MASTER BUILDERS SOLUTIONS website for options.

High-Slump Concrete

High-slump concrete mixes are economical ready-mix products that allow maximum flowability without sacrificing strength by adding water at the jobsite. High-slump properties are attained through the use of high range water reducing admixtures that feature high slumps without segregation. This product will provide faster and easier placement.

Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC):

SCC is a highly flow able, non-segregating concrete that can spread into place with minimal if any mechanical consolidation. The results are improved and more uniform surface finishes and reduced labor costs.

Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM)

Flowable Fill concrete is a mix specially designed for applications where a flowable, self-leveling, self-compacting, controlled density product that can be excavated if required. Backfill applications include sewer and utility trenches, bridge abutments, conduit trenches, and retaining walls. Structural fill applications include foundation sub base, floor slab base and pipe bedding. Flowable fill can also be used for abandoned underground storage tanks, abandoned utility vaults, to fill voids under pavement, sewers and manholes. This product will reduce in-place cost, reducing manpower and equipment needs.

Corrosion Inhibiting Concrete

Steel embedded in concrete is generally protected from corrosion through concrete's high alkaline environment. However, the presence of chloride ions from salt can penetrate the environment, causing the electrochemical process of corrosion of the embedded steel to begin. Corrosion inhibiting admixtures mixed into concrete chemically arrest the corrosion reaction up to a certain level of chloride ion penetration. This product can keep corrosion from starting.

Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Concrete cracks for a variety of reasons, including internal stresses caused by plastic shrinkage (surface water evaporation occurs too rapidly). Concrete produced using discontinuous fibers mixed into conventional concrete is much less susceptible to damage caused by shrinkage cracking and can eliminate the use of secondary reinforcement such as welded wire fabric. This product can reduce in-place cost, saving time at the time of placement.